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Seeing the Unseen

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Now then, where were we?  Oh, yes.  Seeing what is really there…in your crime scene, your victim, your suspects, or your witnesses.

When magic is involved in a crime, you really do have to be careful.  In some cases, this simply means paying attention.  In others, it means piercing a glamour, or the undoing of an invisibility potion or spell.  In still others, it means risking that which, once it has been seen, cannot be unseen!

For instance, your victim may appear thusly:

b27356  Human, right?  Cutish, even, though seriously in need of a fashion consultant.

But what if reality looks like this?

fay vic  Then you’d better know it!

Identification of the fae can be difficult at the best of times, but surely more so when you don’t even know someone’s fae to begin with.  Likewise, the circs of the crime.  Who was murdered usually has much to do with why and how, not to mention who did it.

For me, not a problem.  For Waller and his junior partner, Ivory Jackson, it can be a stumbling block of mountainous proportions.  Neither one has the Sight, you see, and so I am forever wasting my time on the basics.  I have to pierce the glamour, get them to focus on real objects and persons, and then do either some squats or jumping jacks and get the blood flowing through their hobbled human brains.

As you might imagine, both men are resistant to doing such things at a crime scene, especially if it’s in front of the general public or, worse yet, fellow officers.

Then, as often as not, they will see through the glamour and find it does them no good at all.  If the subject is human and female, well, then the glamour is mostly focused on one thing, and one thing only:

Boobs.        Mariah Carey

The reality, for the dicks, is always disappointing, and not all that helpful in crime-solving, either.  The magical mud used by most to create the enhancing illusion is also apt to interfere with other aspects of forensics, like any trace evidence left on the corpse by the killer(s).

But we’ll talk about that another day.

Right now, we need to focus on dangerous glamours.  Those are the kind that hide booby traps (and I don’t mean the type described earlier, which are mostly matrimonial in nature).  No, I mean the kind that can kill an incautious detective, whether human or fae.

booby trap  Punji stakes of the metal type.

Those hiding a suspect’s appearance are also a serious problem, and frequently the most dangerous of all to confront.

For example, the human-looking ‘person of interest’ might actually be:


a goblin of some sort.

Or even

vampire  a blood sucker.

Worst of all (well, from MY point of view), it could be

fae killer  one of my kind.

More than a few have gone mad in this iron-bound world, and gone unfae as well.  One cannot count on these fae to ever obey the Unwritten Laws.  They are apt to adopt the appetites of those first two examples, or to invent something newer and deadlier yet.

If you yourself lack the Sight, then make sure that someone among you does have it, and mind what they tell you.  If you’re on your own, then I’d recommend the new Falsify RayBans.  Sporting a thin film of silver as well as the usual glare-blocking features and tints, they have proven quite useful to the ungifted human.

thOD4VPH0N  But even the Falsify’s won’t help you if you encounter the truly horrific.  For as I’ve told you, some things, once seen, cannot be unseen.

you know  And don’t go blaming the Fae for this fellow.  He’s one of yours!